Whether you are on your own of with friends you are very welcome. We can put you with club members so that you don't shoot alone. Gatwick Clay Shooting School in Charlwood is a small friendly club where you can make new friends who share your love of clay shooting.

All our traps are radio controlled so we don't need trappers.

Please note: We can only take Cash (no cards)

Fibre Wad cartridges
We can only use Fibre wad size 8 or size 9 cartridges on the Sporting layout and Fibre wad size 9  only on the Skeet layout on this ground, as it is a working farm.  We sell them if you don't have any.



We run a 50 bird shoot using 5 stands with 10 shots per stand. We vary the layout each shoot  so sometimes it's easy and sometimes harder!

We run Sporting on all our shoots.

English Skeet

This  has 7 stands between two trap houses, a high house and a low house. The clays always cross in the middle and the shooter moves from stand to stand so needs to increase or decrease the lead to hit the clay. we run English Skeet on all our shoots.

Down The Line (DTL)

This is the original clay discipline. There are 5 stands with a shooter on each who take turns to shoot at the clay from an oscillating trap.

The Shooting Ground

Gatwick Clay Shooting School, Charlwood is at Brook Farm in Horley Road between Povey Cross and Charlwood village.The shooting ground is at the end of the farmyard.  Please drive across the bridge and turn left, driving at 5mph through the farmyard when entering and leaving. We have a car park next to the shooting ground.There is a Club House where you can get tea and coffee and there are also  toilets.

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How to Play:

Sunday Shoots

Gatwick Clay Shooting School